Elegant SciPy by Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Stefan van der Walt, Harriet Dashnow

Elegant SciPy

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Elegant SciPy Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Stefan van der Walt, Harriet Dashnow ebook
Page: 250
ISBN: 9781491922873
Format: pdf
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

A = array([[1,2 @ steve's is actually the most elegant way of doing it. Key methods of the distribution classes in scipy.stats. Scipy.ndimage provides a suitable function, generic_filter . Continuum is a sponsor of this year's SciPy Conference in Austin, TX. Experience with Python, and a strong understanding of how to apply its capabilities to develop GUIs, work flow frameworks, and elegant scientific applications. Rougier opened issue HarrietInc/elegant-scipy-submissions#22 · @rougier. He chose the former, and produced extremely elegant code. How can I sort an array in numpy by the nth column? Thank you to everyone who has already submitted, retweeted, and spread the word about our book, Elegant SciPy! [melbourne-pug] Call for code nominations for Elegant SciPy! Noon Silk noonslists at gmail.com. Self- organizing map (vector quantization). Elegant-scipy-submissions - Submissions of code snippets for the book Elegant SciPy. Calling out SciPy on diversity (even though it hurts) Clarifications about our book, Elegant SciPy (and our call for code submissions). Ev-br added the scipy.interpolate label on Aug 24 denfromufa referenced this issue in HarrietInc/elegant-scipy-submissions 16 days ago. ~@jnuneziglesias @hdashnow & I are writing a book: Elegant Scipy.

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